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About Us


Through education, life experiences, research, testing, trials/tribulations, obstacles, and more, Project SPICES came into existence

Our History

Project SPICES™ was birthed from over 40 years ago. Our first Project SPICES Transformative Models was launched in 2006, and Project SPICES business launched in 2013.







Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To have every person be whole, balanced, and transformed so they are walking in their purpose-driven life because then there will be peace and joy in this world

Mission: Transform people, companies and communities

Project SPICES™ is




THE program EVERY Human being has been waiting for CENTURIES.


SPIRITUAL (self-realization + self-awareness)

Aligning truth, wisdom, discernment, and knowledge so you can live your best self


PHYSICAL (physiological + physical)

Healing from how your body keeps tabs on your past pain, be healthy and balanced inside out, and more


INTERPERSONAL (intrapersonal + interpersonal)

Don't let your inner demons trap you, overcome those bad thoughts so you can become an effective leader for yourself and others


COGNITIVE (cognitive + creative)

Heal from past experiences so you can tap into your true creative potential. Apply wisdom and insight into your life so you make true/right choices


EMOTIONAL (emotional + economical)

Tap into your abundant wealth by reframing your focus and mindset


SOCIAL (sociable + service oriented)

Refocus your purpose in life so you can effectively function and serve others

Our Human Life Solutions

Project SPICES™ is about bringing unity and wholeness and balance so you can be YOUR AUTHENTIC WHOLE person.

Project SPICES™ is providing you TRUE Transformative skills and tools to change your life.

When self-help, religion, education, influencers, therapy, coaching, and more fall short in truly transforming your entire life, it's because you never tasted Project SPICES™.


Self-Realization + Self-Awareness

Be awakened and be One with the Creator of the Universe. Learn how to integrate your spiritual and physical identity


Physiological + Physical

Our body is our memory bank. Be one with your spirit, soul, and body so you are living your best self


Intrapersonal + Interpersonal

Be able to become your full whole self to be able to connect with others in the world


Cognitive + Creative

Be able to unlock the keys to tap into your creative self. First, you must unlock the blockages inside of you - spirit, soul, and body


Emotional + Economical

Be able to thrive in the world with total freedom. Align your emotional intelligence and be able to tap into your divine wealth. Learn practical how-to strategies


Sociable + Service-Oriented

Sociable + Service-Oriented

When we are healed, we want to be around people and serve others. However, some people do it for self-glory. Learn how to have the right balance to become a sociable, service-oriented

Our Feedback

What client says

“[With 10% of the material provided], I have changed 70% of my life. . . .What I learned from these last 13 weeks is to be a different person with myself and with others. Before I would just keep things to myself a lot, now I’d rather share it. Before I’d be more quiet, but now I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts.” V.R.

Humanity has been waiting for something like this. . . for centuries

The most holistic, comprehensive human development program that transforms you from the spirit, soul, and body levels

12 Essential Ingredients

For Life

When 12 essential ingredients are in synergistic balance, YOU ARE truthfully living a quality life

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Project SPICES™ Touch

Taste and Experience True Transformative Change

65+ Companies, Schools and Agencies

30K+ Tasted Project SPICES

Hoping to truthfully transform millions of lives

The Project SPICES Foundation

Our approach goes beyond traditional courses offering a unique, impactful, and result-driven learning experience.

Utilizing the Project SPICES™ models and frameworks, we delve deep into genuine human transformation.

Even if you've explored similar topics in the past, our content is uniquely created to bring about true change from your deepest core.

Unlock Lasting Transformation with Project SPICES.

Project SPICES™ teaches you the dynamic Interplay of

how the 12 components are infused so you can live your TRUTH, AUTHENTIC SELF.

If you desire TRUE TRANSFORMATION to live a quality life, then take part in the MOST COMPREHENSIVE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.

Project SPICES Levels







Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Dive In

Level 4

Dive Deeper

Level 5

Dynamic Interplay

Level 6


Frequently Asked Question

Will Project SPICES help me?

Project SPICES is the most comprehensive life-changing, human development program designed to profoundly transform you at your core. Our program delves into the fundamental aspirations of every individual, teaching you how to unify your spirit, soul, and body, enabling you to thrive in life even when faced with challenges and setbacks. Explore a new dimension of personal growth with Project SPICES.

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Is this training live?

It can be delivered in both live and asynchronous formats. During our cohort sessions, you have the option to join live sessions. Alternatively, you can engage in non-live webinars that will be made available on a weekly basis.

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How long is the program?

The complete Project SPICES program spans approximately 3.5 years. Consider that it took you (what's your age?) numerous years of searching for answers to lead you to this program. Rest assured, we are committed to equipping you with the essential skills and tools you need. Please keep in mind that the duration may vary depending on your willingness and personal transformative journey.

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As a former CIA officer, professor, CEO, COO, educator/ professor (preschool to graduate university level), Senior Vice President at a major credit union, and supervisor at a $2.1 trillion agency, I've introduced Project SPICES to schools, universities, companies, cities, and 40 Federal Executive agencies, including the CIA, FBI, Military Agencies, State Department, and Homeland Security.

We only have one life, and wasting it on unfulfilled potential in terms of life, finances, health, and happiness is NOT an option.

It's time for you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, find your true identity and purpose, and carve out your unique path. Gain the essential skills needed to transform your life, conquer obstacles, and live the life you were destined .

Project SPICES™ stands as THE definitive, empowering HUMAN DEVELOPMENT program that enables you to undergo a profound transformation, allowing you to fulfill your destiny.

Don't wait until it's too late; you need Project SPICES™ now.

Dr. Sarai Koo

Creator Project SPICES™

In the 1980s, I observed and questioned why people behave the way they do. Since then, I've been searching for the WHY's and How-to's to transform our lives from the inside out.

In the 1990s, I learned that regret was one major factor in people's lives (wish they could go back time and redo). So, I decided to pursue my interests, gain numerous skills, and live life with purpose.

In the 2000s, I found the human gaps and strategies to Truly Transform People from the inside out. Ever since then, I've been testing small sprinkles throughout people's lives, companies, cities, and government.

+Ph.D. in Education

+MA in Human Development

+BA in Human Development (multidisciplinary science of the human mind, well-being, and resilience)

+Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)

+More than 70 certifications, specializations, certificates, and trainings (components of the human being)

+worked in numerous industries (education, finance, government, health/fitness, media/entertainment, and more)

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